About Us

  • Salem Aljalal Establishment for Trading &Importing is more than 25 years of existence to its credit, it has become one of the largest distributors of Seed, fertilizers and pesticides in Yemen and among the largest distributor in major parts of Yemen.
    Realizing the potential of agriculture in Yemen, The company currently deals with over 20 companies’ distribution within Yemen with products ranging from agro chemicals, Seed , poultry feeds, fertilizers and sprayers that is appropriate to the climate of Yemen. Some of the major global companies of which Salem Aljalal Establishment for Trading and Importing.

  • Salem Aljalal Establishment for Trading and Importing is well known company in Yemen market for distribution seeds, our head office is located at Sa'dah City in South of Yemen, these city is the fruit and vegetables basket for local market and I international market also it’s famous with green houses the number of green houses in Sa'dah is about 100000 green houses , we are one of the leading seeds distributor in these city and we control about 80% from seeds market in Sa'dah city , we are well known company since 1990 , we prodley present many famous international companies such as Seminis, MENACO.B.V,

  • Salem Aljalal Establishment for Trading and Importing too has Branch in Sana’a city in Shu'ub dist.Zayid St.and has marketing team to work all over the country. In every governorate we have marketing executives that helps to find out the problems of farmers and provide customized agriculture solutions by providing the required products which are of world class quality. We also have distributors and sub-dealers in and around the country.